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b&A 대표 한규리 이미지  

CEO Introduce

Skin Specialists & Star’s image consultant

국Let me introduce Korea’s only image consultant and the CEO of b&A Bio company

CEO of b&A · Gyuri. Han

The Ceo of b&A Networks and Bio has 20 years of experience of giving skin care treatment to top celebrities in Korea including Girls Generation, BoA, Big-Bang, Wonder Girls and Four Minutes. She also did research and clinical studies on how to make healthy and beautiful skin. These experience have become the foundation of “Celeb’s Secret”. “The Celeb’s Secret” is known for ‘moisturizer just for K-stars’ and it shares the secrets and CEO Gyuri Han’s know-how and 20 years of accumulated experience of skin care treatment.

Investor & Major Shareholder

Let me introduce our company’s main investor and major shareholder


Korean Famous Movie Star, Jung Woo Ha

In 2016, he participated as a cosmetics investor
In 2017, he participated product’s and blending

– Movie star, Movie Director, Artist
– Masterpiece : [With God], [archipelago], [haser] [The yellow sea], [a war against crime and violence] etc



In 2016, he participated as a cosmetics investor

– Korean wave Idol group, BigBang’s member, Actor
– Sotheby’s curator
– Masterpiece : [teacher], [Iris], [Into the Fires], [Tazza] etc


b&A major history



Release of 4 new products under “Rising Star”

4 types of product package is released
(Skin mist, White Tomato V-Cream, Angel Tone up Cream, Real-Zero Remover Pad)


Launching the Brand “Rising Star”

Targeting young consumers
(Launched the water Bigbang Ample skin mist which includes)



Launching the Brand “Celeb’s Secret”

Hypoallergenic moisturizing line “Celeb’s Secret” Launching
(3 Types of Cleansing, 2 Types of Skin, 2 Types of serum, 4Types of Cream, 1 Types of Cushion)


Set up b&A Bio company

Successfully launched products of b&A Bio
(release b&A Cell Hydration, Cell Irradiation, Cell unlimited Anti-aging)



Established Star Image Making

Provide skincare and image consulting to top starts in the major Korean entertainment agency such as SM, YG, JYP, Cube and etc.
(Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, Wonder Girls, 4minute, Jeong-woo Ha, Hyojin Gong and etc)


Established b&A Medical&Aesthetic Center

Established b&A Medical Network and medical esthetic consisting of dermatology, plastic surgery, medical esthetics, obesity clinic.



Established b&A Aesthetics

Established b&A Medical Aesthetics

for healthy skin

b&A 4 Promises


20age to 20years

A cosmetic product that can maintain the healthiest and most beautiful skin of the 20 years old, and the skin can remain safe after 20 years.


Naturalism to bio science

Pursuit of healthy beauty, away from the “dangerous’ cosmetics


Formula to solution

Sprinkle good ingreidents as much as skin wants, hypoallergenic cosmetics without irritation.


Beauty to love

comfortable and healthy products, cosmetics to be considerate to the heart.