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Secrets from 20year experience
and her passion are finally available.
For last 20 year, she has been responsible for skin care of Korean celebs such as Girl's generation, Boa, Big bang,
Wonder girls and 4 minute. She made steady and persistent effort to research and clinical test as the representative of
b&A medical and aesthetics group. Based on her know-how from Cell Hydration Cream, also known as
'Moisturizing cream for Korean celebs', she created another product line, Celeb's Secret.
Hyojin Gong, Soojung Lim, Eugene, Jungwoo Ha, Gong Yoo, Seungbum Ryoo,
Hyunsuk Yang (President of YG Ent.), Teddy, Dana, Jinu, Girl's generation, Bigbang, 2NE1,
f(x), Wonder girls, Super junior, EXO Kai, Jinyoung Jang, Jaewon Sim, Danny (1TYM),
Winner, IKON, Jaeyoung Lee, Jihyun Nam (4minute), Seven, Minwoo Noh, Eunsook Jo,
Hakjin Kim, etc.
Street # 100 in Cheongdam-dong where b&A medical and aesthetics group is located is known as 'Dream Hill' for Korean celebs.
Many of Korean celebs are born by touch from Gyuri Han with extraordinary sense of style and skin expertise.
Celeb's Secret bron in Dream Hill provides the skin experiences that Korean celebrities go through.
Gyuri Han is a cosmetic specialist, who has been a personal skin doctor of Korean celebrities for 20 years and researched more than 1,000 cosmetic products around the world. Secrets of maintaining prime beauty and luxurious skin are finally unveiled!
Secrets of maintaining prime beauty and luxurious skin are finally unveiled!
By making over the Prep star before debut, maintaining good skin condition with anti-aging for actresses and trendy idol groups, she accumulated secret know hows for 20 years.
Skin care specialist whom actresses entrust themselves for their skin
Provide immediate solution for various skin issues from celebrities
Leader of b&A medical aesthetic, known as 'Dream Hills' for celebrities
Co-founder of b&A medical consisted of dermatology, cosmetic surgery, obesity clinic
b&A medical aesthetics is regarded as a place to increase possibility to be a top celebrity in Korea.
While researching cosmetics all over the world, cosmetic expert's skin became very sensitive.
Celebs are destined to maintain good skin condition, so they are very particular to choose their skin care.
Gyuri Han researched more than 1,000 cosmetic products around the world and tested on her own skin to provide the optimum solution
for each skin type, condition and emergency use.
The most important aspect of her solution is not to cause any skin trouble by using the safe ingredients only (EWG level 0~3)